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These V steam herbals give your vagina the ultimate tightness.

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Our V steam herbals are 100% natural and non GMO coming out of the Amazone of Suriname.

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Our V steam packages coming in 25 gram packages.

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About our Yoni steams

You may think if you have never heard from it before: What is "Yoni" steaming?

Yoni steaming or V steams ( also known as vaginal detox) is nothing weird or feel shy about. It is a natural way of taking care of your Yoni. It is much better to use then the regular products you buy at your grocery store. You can steam frequently, monthly after menstruation or to protect for infections or cancer. Also steaming is very good after giving birth or miscarriages. Do you have problems conceiving or need help with your menopause symptoms? Yoni steaming would be perfect for you

Yoni steaming is a ancient practise. For centuries females used this method to take care of their feminine health. The benefits of steaming are very diverse there for much used. The steam from the herbs that goes up in the womb has all kinds of healing, protecting, restoring, rejuvenating and allot more affects.

These practises you find back in ancient and present Africa, India and China. In parts of the Caribbean females also use these methods. In the United States it's really trending at the moment and you will find different spa's that offering the service.

Yoni steams are a combination of herbs that have all their own benefits. We selected the best traditional ones for you. 

To prepare your herbs you boil them for 20 minutes. After you boiled your herbs you remove your herbs from your tea. Place them in a jar or such with water and soak for re-use. The hot tea you use now to steam in a bucket or such ( use enamel pot to boil and steam) Sit in squating position and cover your self till feet with cloth or sheet. Do this for about 30/45 minutes. Make sure always to be warm while steaming drink warm tea and no cold bevareges.

Do not steam when you are pregnant Do not steam when you on your period 
Do not steam if you have a heavy infection.

Here is a short list of the benefits of Yoni steaming. 

#1  Pulls toxins out of the body
#2  Helps with abdominal pain/pressure
#3  Relieves menstrual cramps
#4  Regenerates damaged tissue
#5  Improves vaginal tightness 
#6  Helps with feminine odour
#7  Helps womb absorb herbal medical into blood stream
#8  Regulates menstrual cycle
#9  Relieves heave menstruation 
#10 Balance hormone cycle
#11 Stimulate growth of white blood cells and anti bodies
#12 Sweating creates cardio benefits
#13 Mood stabilisation 
#14 Relieves menopausal symptoms 
#15 Helps align your chakras
#16 Builds self-esteem 
#17 Support lympathic health
#18 Stimulation of healthy sexual energy
#19 Helps woman conceive 
#20 Speeds up recovery after childbirth 

And allot more

Special Instructions

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Storage your V steam herbals in a dry and dark place.